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We Provide
Spinning MachinesWeaving MachinesProcessing MachineryTesting Equipments Knitting MachinesComputerised Embroidery & Stitching MachinesPower PlantComplete Plants & Composite Units 
Required Textile Machinery

Textile Machinery Hot Deals


All You need textile machinery under one roof

Vardhman Trading Corporation the ”Manchester of North India” was established in 1965. Mr. Anil Jain proprietor of the company engaged in sale & purchase of Secondhand Textile Machinery having experience of 35 years in textile field. Now the company is led by Mr. Nishant Jain & Neeraj Jain , both assisiting their father in family business from early age.
One of the Leading Buyer & seller of all types of secondhand textile machinery.We are dealing in textile machines like Spinning machinery, Weaving machinery, Dyeing,printing & Processing machinery , Yarn Dyeing machinery, Knitting machinery, Woollen & Worsted machinery, Boiler , Generator & Power Plants etc. in India & Abroad. We have supplied hundreds of machines to our clientele spread all world top watches copy rolex over India.

We Supply - SecondHand Textile Machinery , Old Textile Machinery , Used Textile Machinery , Spinning Machinery , Weaving Machinery , Dyeing & Printing machinery , Knitting machinery , Softflow , Yarn Dyeing , Boiler , Generator , Power Plant

Spinning Machinery:-

*Blow-Room comprising of automatic bale plucker, multi mixer, and feed arrangements *Chute-feed Cards with Auto-leveler *Lap feed Card *Chute Feed arrangements for Card *Comber with Ribbon Lap, Sliver Lap & Super Lap *Draw Frame –Double Delivery and single Delivery with Auto leveler *Speed Frame (Simplex) *Ring Frame (all types & sizes) *Non-Woven M/cs *Open End Spinning *Cone Winding *Assembly winder *Ring Doubler * Auto Coner *Two for One Twister (TFO) & Reeling Machine.

Weaving Machinery:-
*Rapier/Air-jet/ Water jet/Projectile Looms *Direct Warper *Automatic sectional Warper *Sizing *Warp Typing Machine.

Processing machinery (For Cotton And Blends):-noble watches replica cartier
*Jet Flow U & Long * SoftFlow *Chainless Mercerizer *Auto & Hydrolic Jiggers * Hydro Extractor *Yarn / Fibre Dyeing Plant *3-Bowl Padding Mangle *Drying Range with padding Mangle * Continuous Bleaching Range * Continuous Washing Range *Rotary Printing Machine (including Polymerizer & Print washer) *Loop Ager *Stenter (4 chambers to 6 chambers) *Zero-Zero finish * Shearing * Raising * Tublar / Open Compactor

Testing Equipments:-
*Testing Equipments for fiber testing, yarn testing, and fabric testing.

Knitting Machinery:-
*Circular & Flat

Computerised Embroidery Machine & Stitching Machines

Power Plant:-
*Boiler (1 Tph to 50 Tph) *Generator ( 125 KVA to 6 MW) *Turbine ( 1 MW to 100 MW)

Complete Plants & Composite units


  • Experience of over 4 decades in this field
  • Competent staff to ensure smooth deal & delivery of well-known replica rolex watches machines
  • Trouble shooter (if need arises)


  • Deals in Domestic Market & Abroad of all Indian & Imported Makes . We purchase machines from Big Group & Supply to small units.
  • Helps in the negotiation & tries to strike the beat deal between both parties.
  • Right kind of machinery from the right person to the right person
  • Give proper guidance for selection of the machinery


  • Asarwa Mills
  • Arvind
  • Birla Textile
  • Banswara Syntex
  • Deepak Spinners
  • J.C.T
  • Jindal Cottex Ltd.
  • K G Group
  • LNJB Group
  • Malwa Group
  • Orient Syntex Ltd.
  • Patodita Group
  • Parasrampuria Group
  • Rana Polycot Ltd.
  • R.T.M.
  • Super Spinning Mills
  • Soma Textiles
  • Sri Rajastan Syntex Ltd.
  • Trident Group
  • T T Limited
  • Vardhman Group
  • Winsome Textiles fantastic fake watches in hot


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